Nizam Exhibitions Company

Exhibition organizing, service, and public relation company. Established in 1991 in Damascus, registration number 9879. Organizes specialized, commercial, consumer, and international exhibitions worldwide and in Syria

Brings foreign companies face to face together with their Syrian counterparts to conduct business activities during and after the exhibitions.

Provides a better understanding of Syrian products in order to improve international exports.

Organizes exhibitions as an effective tool to strengthen Syria’s economic relations with the world.

Syria, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, U.A.E, Sudan, Jordan, K.S.A, Yemen, Ghana, Tanzania, Cameroon, Togo, Venezuela, Cyprus, Greece, and Czech Republic.

Issuing all needed permits in Syria and host countries.

Marketing exhibitions worldwide and in Syria.

Providing all needed services such as visas, shipping, security,


, translation, transportation, custom-clearing, accommodation, insurance, opening ceremony, partitioning, and advertisement

These services are provided by experienced management, a specialized marketing team, and extensive public relations, aimed at companies’ satisfaction in order to stay pioneers in the exhibitions field.

Works with

The Syrian Ministry of Economic and Foreign Trade

Federation Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Tourism, and Agriculture

The Syrian Public Establishment for International Fairs & Exhibitions

Arab Union for International Fairs & Conferences

Syrian Exporters Union

Syrian Investment Authority

Federation of Chambers of Industry

Federation of Chambers of Commerce

Syrian Investment Authority

Syrian exporters union

Federation of Tourism Chambers

General Organization of Exhibitions

Exhibitions Since 1993

Syrian Pavilions in International Exhibitions

Specialized Exhibitions

Solo Syrian Products Exhibitions

– Bahrain & Autumn Trade Fair
– Oman Autumn Trade Fair
– Muscat & Eid Festival
– Qatar Fashion & Perfumes Exhibition
– Qatar Eid & City Center Festival
– Qatar Expo & International Trade Fair
– Dar Salaam & Zanzibar International Trade Fair
– Abu Dhabi Ramadan & Eid Festival
– Cameroon International Promo Trade Fair
– Ghana International Trade Fair
– Caracas Christmas Gift Show, Expo Regalo
– Togo International Trade Fair
– Kasim International Trade Fair
– Yamen & Aden International Trade Fair
– Cyprus International Trade Fair
– Khartoum International Trade Fair
– Oriental Bazaar in Damascus, Syria
– Agro Int’l in Damascus, Syria
– Food Int’l in Damascus, Syria
– Aleppo International Exhibition in Aleppo, Syria
– Ideal Home Fair in Dahran, K.S.A
– Ideal Home Fair in Khartoum, Sudan
– Communications Fair in Khartoum, Sudan
– Food Expo in Khartoum, Sudan
– Nicosia, Cyprus
– Athens, Greece
– Prague, Czech Republic
– Caracas, Venezuela
– Muscat, Oman
– Amman, Jordan
– Doha, Qatar
– Khartoum, Sudan
– Yaoundé, Cameroon
– Sanaa, Yemen
– Dar es Salam, Tanzania