Aleppo is the industrial and manufacturing capital of Syria and one of the most populous Syrian governorates

It is also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Aleppo is a strategically located trading center, between the Mediterranean Sea and Asia. The city is full of life because of its heritage, entertainment and events. It has had a huge wave of quick and successful restoration including the medieval architecture in the old city

The 2nd Aleppo International Fair will be held from April 20-26 2019 at the  Al Hamadaniye Sports City.  It will have trade, exhibition, and direct sale halls. There will be more than 500 local and foreign companies, foreign trade partners and foreign embassies participating in the exhibition. The embassies will be exhibiting sample products and promoting tourism from their countries. Not only will the exhibition be an opportunity for companies to present their products but it will be a cultural event featuring Aleppo music and dance heritage performances. The seven-day exhibition will feature fields in insurance, banking, commercial sectors and industrial sectors including food, engineering, technology and chemical. The Investment, Reconstruction, and Tourism Conference will be held during the Exhibition

Aleppo is once again a vivid city swarming with people. The city is lined with cafes, restaurants, street vendors and stores. Life has greatly changed for the better these past 2 years for Aleppo. Peace has been restored to the city and so has its infrastructure